Everyone Has A Problem With The Fat Lady Louie Episode


Anyone that knows me, knows that I love Louis CK. I’ve had people tell me “You know he’s probably grumpy and sweaty and smells bad, right?” Yeah and I’m totally okay with the idea of marrying him, maybe even sleeping with him once in a while. But last night’s episode of Louie, titled “So Did The Fat Lady”, kind of left me with a “huh.” moment that I was a little disappointed in having when it comes to my favorite stand up comic.

Here is the speech:

What I like: It’s pretty spot on. As a bigger girl, I know that obviously, there are going to be obstacles when it comes to dating men. Even the paunchiest, baldest dude is going to want to date the prettiest girl in the room and not give two shits about the fat girl standing next to him. And as a bigger girl, I try to use my sense of humor as a gateway to attractive men, only to be labeled as “The Funny Fat Chick”. So yeah, dating is hard for fat girls. And if we EVER complain about this, we are the biggest loser ever! So no. If you have a BMI that is above average, do not complain that you can’t get a date and that you’re lonely. You’re not allowed to. (But fuck, dudes, Give us a chance.)

What I didn’t like: SHE HAD TO FUCKING GUILT TRIP HIM INTO HOLDING HER GOD DAMN HAND. So basically, if I wanna date a nice guy, (not the most attractive guy, just a nice one) I have to trick him. I have to lay it on thick and just make him feel bad. Aaaaaaaaaaand that’s how I’ll get a boyfriend. Let me jot that down so I’ll remember it for my next okcupid date. I’m sure that will go over well.

The only thing that I can say, and I’ll quote Vanessa from last night’s episode is “Ugh, dammit. That is so goddamn disappointing, Louie.” 

Edit: This article from Vulture nails it. Everything I said, but you know, this. Better. Read it HERE.


2 thoughts on “Everyone Has A Problem With The Fat Lady Louie Episode

  1. On the other hand (no pun intended), it was also an example of someone baring a really painful side of their life, and getting a gesture of support and acceptance for it.
    But yes, I definitely see your point. *virtual hand-hold!*

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