About Jenn Zipp

If you’ve clicked on this page, you’re probably wondering “Who the hell is this person and why should I give a shit about anything she says?” Oh… y’know… I’m just a girl, a self-proclaimed writer who likes pop culture, good food, and funny stories. Will I talk about Game of Thrones in my blog? Most likely. Will I talk about the 2016 Presidential campaign? Probably not. Will I quote conversations I have with mom. Yes. Will it be entertaining for you? I dunno, maybe. 

This is a picture of me as a unicorn

This is a picture of me as a unicorn

Things I’m doing with my life:

01. Making
a. lists on what TV shows are taking priority of my life
b. brussels sprouts taste good
c. plans on what to do in San Francisco, this awesome city o’ mine
d. things with my hands, usually out of paper
e. playlists of songs, ranging from 90’s R&B to songs that hipsters don’t like to admit they listen to

02. Eating
a. fried chicken
b. bacon
c. cheeseburgers and everything cheeseburgers.
d. kim chee
e. ice cream

03. Working
a. at an art gallery
b. on this blog
c. out my shit
e. on becoming a better person and all the crap that goes into that

Thanks for reading! If you feel the need to contact me (although I can’t fathom why), you can reach me at jennzipp@gmail.com


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